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TsAGI centenary: Forum 1st day results

26 November 2018

November 26th was the first day of the International Science and Business Forum “Global aeronautical challenges and Russia in the international technology community.” It was dedicated to the centenary of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute.”) TsAGI press service provides an overview of the key events.

The International Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science and Technology (HiSST) opened the Forum. The welcoming remarks were made by the Chairman of HISST Technical Committee Adam Siebenhaar, President of CEAS Christophe Hermans, TsAGI Director General, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Kirill Sypalo and TsAGI Chief Scientific Officer, Academician of the Russian Academy of Science, Sergey Chernyshev.

“It’s a great honor for us to welcome you on the International Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science and Technologies (HiSST),” welcomed Kirill Sypalo. “2018 is a special year for us. TsAGI and the aviation science in Russia celebrate the 100-year anniversary. We remember an era where aircraft designers dreamed of a 300 km/h speed. Later TsAGI significantly contributed to overcome the speed of a sound. And today, in the XXI century, our horizons are super and hypersonic aircraft.”

“Our conference is truly international,” said Sergey Chernyshev. “It brings together experts in the field of high-speed aircraft from around the world, and this is the basis of the conference determined by the international Technical Committee. It’s great that there are several extensive international projects in this field nowadays. We hope that this conference will be a forum to reveal new themes for possible collaboration in the future.”

At the plenary meeting, the Conference members discussed the hypersonic flow. Within the section discussions, TsAGI scientist presented a numerical analysis and experimental research of supersonic aircraft, Laminar-Turbulent Transition in Hypersonic Boundary Layers on Flat Blunted Bodies and other fundamental issues.

The international Mars exploration program ExoMars 2020 was another issue for the discussion. European specialists spoke about the theoretical calculations for the entry, descent and landing modules of the automatic interplanetary station, designed to deliver the Russian-built surface platform as well as the ExoMars rover to the surface of Mars. TsAGI’s task in this project is related to the prediction and experimental support of the landing module development.

In addition, the 9 th International IFAR Summit on Urban Mobility was open within framework the of the International Symposium “Aviation technologies of XXI century.” The event began with the leadership meeting of the IFAR-members and the Steering Committee meeting.

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