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TsAGI Director General participates in the press conference on aviation science

21 November 2018

What are the basic aspects of the Russian aviation science development? What is the main role of aviation technology in the strengthening of the country defense potential? Kirill Sypalo, TsAGI Director General, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences answered these and other questions during press-conference “The development of domestic aviation science is the foundation of technological safety of Russia. 100 years at the service of the Motherland”. The event took place in Moscow in November 20.

The meeting was also attended by Vladimir Gutenev, Chairman of the State Duma Commission on legal support of the RF military-industrial complex organizations development, President of the association “League to Support Defense Industry Enterprises”, first Deputy Chairman of the Russian Engineering Union; and Andrey Dutov, Director General of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute.”

The main topics of the discussion were the process safety of Russian through the development of domestic aviation science and TsAGI centenary. In his statement, Kirill Sypalo underlined the Institute’s key importance in the domestic aviation industry and spoke about the development prospects of the Centre of aeronautical science. “In the golden years of Soviet aviation TsAGI held together three roles: developed specific technological solutions based on basic science achievements in samples of aviation equipment, developed new research and testing methods, as well as carried out academic advising for almost all the projects of the aviation industry. Today we see a move in the right direction to redevelop this triple bottom line concept in out Institute. This all is possible due to system policy of the highest-level leaders and the Commission of the State Duma of the Russian Federation to legal support the military-industrial complex organizations’ development in part of the formation of complex legislative measures to restore this status and revive the research and development management methods.”

Kirill Sypalo underlined TsAGI priority projects: the existing aviation programmes (medium-haul passenger aircraft MC-21, short-haul airliner SSJ100), as well as projects that form a new technological basis for the establishment of small regional and supersonic business jets, focusing on the socio-economic challenges.

Journalists were interested in drone aircraft, the concept of supersonic business passenger aircraft, the Il-96 wide-body aircraft modernization, etc. Replying to them, Kirill Sypalo told that TsAGI created the Center of Competence, where Russian and European colleagues are working out the concept of airspace management by drones. It will largely determine the requirements for security of the drones themselves and its avionics functions. With regard to the supersonic business passenger aircraft, in the next two or three years it is planned to show a full flying demonstrator of the object.

In addition, at the press conference were summed up the work of the Expert Council on scientific and technological development and applied science, created by the State Duma Commission on legal development organizations of the military-industrial complex of Russia.

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