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TsAGI at European Rotorcraft Forum 2018

1 October 2018

Specialists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) on the Russian delegation participated in the 44th European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF 2018.) The event took place in Delft, Netherlands, September 17-21, 2018

TsAGI scientists of the Department of aerodynamics and dynamics of helicopters presented two reports. Oleg Kirillov, the chief of the Department, explained experimental studies of unsteady aerodynamic characteristics of oscillating airfoil of main rotor blade. His work was the comparison of two methods for the determination of aerodynamic characteristics and exploration of the “explosion” phenomenon which occurs at dynamic flow breakdown. Alexander Nikolsky, the leading researcher of the Department, delivered a report dedicated to a new training method of parametric representation of the helicopter propeller blade face. Its main differences from equivalents are flexibility and economical efficiency of computational capability.

In addition, the head of TsAGI’s Department of Aerodynamics and dynamics of helicopters Ruslan Mirgazov was one of the two representatives of the Russian Federation to the International Committee of the Forum.

“The European Rotorcraft Forum is a global impact event in our industry,” Oleg Kirillov explained. “The participants geography speaks to this: Not only specialists from the EU, but also researchers from the United States, China, Japan, Russia and other countries participated at Delft. I would like to note the high scientific level of the submitted works. The ERF 2018 gives my colleagues and me an opportunity to share best practices and be aware of the leading helicopter companies’ achievements. The participation of the Institute members in the International Committee we regard as TsAGI’s recognition in international community.”

The European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF) is one of the premier events in the rotorcraft community’s calendar. The Forum has been arranged annually in different countries since 1975. The purpose of the ERF is to define global development trends in the helicopter industry. The next 45th Forum will take place in Warsaw, Poland. In 2020, the world’s helicopter community experts will gather in Russia.

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