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Hydroaviasalon 2018: TsAGI at the 12-th International Scientific Conference on Amphibian and Non-aerodrome Aviation

14 September 2018

Specialists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) participated in the 12th Scientific Conference on Amphibian and Non-aerodrome aviation — the key event of the Hydroaviasalon 2018 business program.

TsAGI has been the main organizer and an active participant of the Conference since its inception. More than one-third of the reports were submitted by the Institute scientists. The reports covered a wide range of basic and applied research: from computational aerohydrodynamics to active control technique to control characteristics of the landing gear of aircraft.

Sergey Sustin (co-author Victor Mitrofovich) presented the report “Design optimization of the aerodynamic configuration of an unmanned aircraft of vertical take-off and landing of a multi-ventilated sea-based scheme.” Its range will be 500 miles and the payload will be 500 kg. According to preliminary calculations the multi-ventilated drone will fly at a speed equivalent to one of the best modern light helicopters.

The scientific report of Andrey Dunayevsky (co-author of Yuri Chernavskih) was devoted to the development of the concept of regional short takeoff and landing aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with supporting distributed electric propulsion, forcing air over the wing at takeoff and landing. Thus the required runway length shortens, cruise speed increases and the fuel consumption is reduced.

“The Conference reports subjects have increased considerably as compared with those first years,” commented Vladimir Sokolyansky, the Conference moderator and Head of TsAGI’s Moscow Research Complex. “This time we have actively discussed appropriate layouts and drone sizes, ways to further increase the contribution calculation methods for the development of promising aircraft. The Conference illustrates the achievements of modern hydroaviation and related areas. Step by step we see the implementation of the Forum’s adopted decisions and recommendations.”

This year’s Conference is devoted to TsAGI’s centenary and was attended by about 150 representatives of the leading Russian Aviation and allied organizations, universities, businesses and research centers, such as the United Aircraft Corporation, United Shipbuilding Corporation, CIAM, Beriev Aircraft Corporation, SibNIIA, MIPT, SFU, etc.

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