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TsAGI at the International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2018”

28 August 2018

At the end of August, TsAGI experts visited International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2018” and participated in its business program.

One of the key points was the work of professionals at the conference “The strategy of technologies development in the field of artificial intelligence for ensuring the national security of the Russian Federation.”

TsAGI prepared materials devoted to studies on systems of information support for pilots, based on artificial intelligence. The development to applied to dogfighting with super-maneuverability. TsAGI scientists created onboard system algorithms and examined the criteria and requirements to the characteristics of the aircraft’s super-maneuverability, its control systems, armament and conditions for the use of these modes in a dogfight. At the moment, these algorithms are perfected in a simulated seminatural intelligent dogfight for TsAGI’s flight simulator.

TsAGI staff also participated in a roundtable discussion regarding problematic issues of the normative document new edition — the “Regulations for the establishment of military aeronautical equipment.” They discussed the main key points to improve the procedure, the proposed structure of the new document, clear and unambiguous approaches and terminology, algorithms and execution of work and research on aeronautical equipment development.

In addition, the Institute representatives became members of conferences and round-table discussions regarding the development of aviation weapons systems, launch vehicles and a number of other related events.

The international military-technical forum “Army-2017” is an annual event organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The Forum aims to promote technical upgrading and enhancing of the effectiveness of the Ministry of Defense, the stimulation of innovative development of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation and its young perspective specialists, the promotion of military-technical cooperation, patriotism, etc.

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