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New achievements of TsAGI model airplane engineers

16 August 2018

In the end of July members of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) participated in the European Championship of free flying aircraft models. The event was held in the city of Szentes, Hungary.

The Russian team included three TsAGI specialist: Yuri Evdokimov, Master of Sports of International Class and 2011World Champion; Alexey Burdov, 2016 European Champion; Albert Bulatov, Honored Master of Sports in free flying aircraft models. Only 27 teams participated in the Championship. The competitions were held in three classes: glider, rubber models and timing models. The European Championship is held every two years.

Based on the results of the competition Albert Bulatov, TsAGI officer of the Research-and-production Complex became the best in the rubber model class. Thus, the Championship Cup will remain in Russia for another two years. The main award in the timing model class will also remain with the domestic team.

Earlier, eight staff members of the Institute participated in 3 and 4 Russia Cup stages in Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkar Republic). These were qualifying competitions for the next season, when the United States will hold the World Championship. As a result, Albert Bulatov became the best-in-class at 4 stage, Yuri Evdokimov won third place in the glider class, and other TsAGI representatives entered the top ten.

“We have very strong traditions at TSAGI in gliders and rubber model classes,” said Yury Evdokimov. “Our achievements contribute to the development of model airplane engineering. It was not easy for us to perform at the European Championships due to unusual weather conditions. It had an impact on the scoring daylight flights not only for our team, but for other competitors too. But Albert Bulatov managed to take full advantage of his model both at the European Championship and at the Russian Cup.”

The next major competitions, where TsAGI specialists will again compete, will be held in Suzdal in mid-September. It will be 7 and 8 stages of the Russia Cup 2018 on aircraft modeling sport among free flying class models for the TsAGI Centenary Cup.

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