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TsAGI specialists participate in the “Engineers of the Future 2018” Forum

10 August 2018

Newcomers to the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) took part in the 7th International Youth Industrial Forum “Engineers of the Future 2018.”

The largest domestic enterprises, as well as industrial and scientific organizations of Russia prepared an educational programme on the various faculties. The Forum participants were acquainted with the latest developments and technologies, introduced in production. They conducted training in nine areas: engineering design, engineering and technology, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, production organization, radio electronics, digital technology, and project management. The study program included lectures, educational blocks, trainings, presentations, interactive dialogues enterprises, business games, etc.

TsAGI representatives together with VIAM colleagues started up “Aerospace faculty.” They prepared lectures on aeronautics, physics of flight, aerogas dynamics, general theory of engine building and held a master-class “Innovation Project preparation and critical design review.” About 80 participants received training. In addition, the Institute organized round tables devoted to the development of transport systems, emerging technologies in mechanical engineering, methodologies for highly qualified specialist training, etc.

In the innovative projects contest, which was held within the framework of the “National scientific and technological conference,” TsAGI young specialist Ivan Ameljushkin presented three projects. One work reached the final and was dedicated to establishing a system of a non-contact optical diagnostics for aerohydrodynamic phenomena. It can be used to define values of different parameters in space, such as vector fields of gas velocity and particle velocity, two-dimensional pressure fields, etc. This system allows increasing the information content and precision of aerophysical research. The summing up will take place at the end of September at the XI All-Russian Conference of young scientists “The Future of Engineering in Russia.”

TsAGI young specialists also demonstrated their skills in the cultural events. They conducted daily setting-up exercises, organized cross-country running and “mind game” quizes dedicated to TsAGI’s centenary. The intellectual games participants answered questions relating to the history of aviation and the Institute, TsAGI inventions and even guessed aviation songs. Eight teams competed; the best one became the “Aerospace faculty” team of students.

Anna Zakharenkova, TsAGI member, was awarded an honor of gratitude for her contribution to the development of the industrial complex of the country and active participation in the Forum preparation and implementation.

The industrial “Engineers of the future 2018” Forum organizers are the Russian Engineering Union and League to Support Defense Industry Enterprises. More than 1500 people attended the Forum this year. They were representatives of 70 regions of Russia, as well as 43 foreign countries-Kazakhstan, Germany, Egypt, Bolivia, Italy, South Korea, etc. The Forum programme included a visit to the head industry-specific Museum of the history of civil aviation and one of the main enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region- “Aviastar-SP” aircraft factory, as well as a series of meetings with leading Russian and foreign companies.

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