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TsAGI signs cooperation agreement with the Talent and Success Educational Foundation

26 July 2018

The Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) signed a cooperation agreement with the Talent and Success Educational Foundation.

The subject of the agreement is to create conditions for systematically identifying children and young people with outstanding abilities, assist them in the further development and building a successful career in the field of science and technology, sports, arts in the Russian Federation; to give additional professional education for teachers to work with gifted children, including in the priority areas of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation, and scientific-practical activities of the Organization; to disseminate scientific knowledge and popularize the best scientific and technology achievements, promote creative and sporting achievements; to implement practical measures of creation educational workshops, with the assistance of institutions of public-private partnerships and other persons at the site of the Sirius Park of science and art.

The cooperation agreement also envisages implementation of the following directions:

-Identification of gifted children by conducting competitions and other intellectual and/or creative competitions, activities aimed at the development of intellectual and creative abilities, abilities to physical culture and sport, interest in science (research), engineering, technical, inventive, creative, athletic and sporting activities, as well as on the promotion of scientific knowledge, creative and sporting achievements;

-Creating opportunities for individual development of gifted children, including individual work with gifted children on formation and development of their cognitive interests, their tutorial and (or) coaching support;

-Education of gifted children, including the use of distance learning technologies, joint scientific-practical schools, conferences, seminars;

— Participation in the Fund’s educational programs, including training, retraining of teachers, master’s programs;

-Participation in the Development Fund’s educational programs, creation of educational-methodic and scientific-popular materials;

-Assistance gifted children in finding employment after graduation; and

-Dissemination of scientific knowledge and popularization of the best science and technology, promotion of creative and sporting achievements.

It is also planned to participate in the creation and development of the Sirius Park of science and art.

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