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TsAGI delegation meets AIRBUS colleagues

6 August 2018

A delegation from the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) visited AIRBUS Corporation in Toulouse (France). The program included technical issue negotiations and a production facility tour. The Institute’s specialists discussed with their French colleagues aspects of cooperation in active flow control, development, and implementation of lattice structures in the aviation equipment and application of plasma technology to reduce aircraft noise.

Within the framework of the visit, the TsAGI delegation visited the AIRBUS flight test complex, including the assembly line of the A350 passenger long-haul, wide-bodied aircraft, and were present at the first test flight of a jumbo Jet cargo aircraft Airbus Beluga XL. The programme of activities was culminated in a meeting of representatives of the Institute leadership with the AIRBUS Senior Vice President for research and technology Axel Flaig.

“The negotiations revealed a number of scientific problems of mutual interest,” said Sergey Lyapunov, TsAGI Deputy General Director, Head of the Aerodynamics & Flight Dynamics Complex. “The parties expressed their willingness to implement this work and outlined concrete steps in this direction.”

TsAGI and AIRBUS cooperation is based on the participation in numerous international research projects. The organizations were partners in the SADE European projects (“smart” elements of the next generation mechanization wing), HAIC (integrated approach to the safe flight in icing conditions), SARISTU (development and testing of new concepts of smart designs of next generation aircraft), PoLaRBEAR (development of a strong and durable composite structures of fuselage), AGILE (Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration Heterogeneous Teams of Experts), BUTERFLI (study of buffeting and laminar-turbulent transition), RUMBLE (rules and standards for low levels of sonic boom), etc.

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