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TsAGI centenary in the history of aviation: the Tupolev Tu-134

30 July 2018

The Tu-134 took its first flight in July 29, 1963. It was one of the most popular passenger aircraft produced in the Soviet Union (852 aircraft produced.) Because of its long narrow fuselage and a distinctive high-pitched engine sound the airliner was dubbed a “Mod” and a “Whistle.”

From 1961 to 1963 TsAGI, together with Tupolev Design Bureau, worked on a new short-range aircraft. The power plant was moved to the tail of the fuselage and it improved the Tu-134’s comfort. A similar arrangement was used on the French passenger plane “Caravelle” and the Il-62.

As in most cases, TsAGI worked not only on the aircraft design but supported the aircraft’s further operation. The Institute scientists used their research experience to establish a second generation passenger aircraft with increased cruising speed to 900-960 km/h, the Tu-154.

The aircraft serial production was completed in 1984. Environmental standards for aircraft were tightened in the early 2000’s in EU countries. The “Whistle,” which was considered one of the noisiest aircraft in the world, did not meet the new regulations.

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