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TsAGI participates in the workshop "Topical scientific and technological issues in aviation development”

22 May 2018

In-flight refuling opens up new opportunities for aviation, offering a reduction in aircraft gross weight, more payload and almost unlimited range. However, accurate docking of two moving objects is a complex task that requires detailed calculations and pilot simulation.

This maneuver was the topic for TsAGI experts’ report at the international workshop “Topical scientific and technological issues in aviation development.” The event was held in May 17-18 in Minsk at the Aviation Faculty of the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus.

Mikhail Zhelonkin, TsAGI researcher in the Department of control systems and dynamics, analyzed the receiving aircraft characteristics. The scientist told his audience about flight simulators and test benches where in-flight refueling was tested. He also spoke about the mathematical model of the two aircraft during the docking process. The final part of the report was devoted to simulation results of the docking of a fuel-receiving device with a basket.

“The Workshop gave us an opportunity to demonstrate achievements of the Institute’s specialists at the international level,” explained Mikhail Zhelonkin. “It was a good opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss the current state of science and technology in aviation and find potential partners for joint projects.”

The international workshop “Topical scientific and technological issues in aviation development” serves as a platform for experience exchange between scientists and specialists, and for discussing trends in the development of aviation science and technology in CIS countries. Among topics discussed were aircraft power plants, navigation systems, avionics, flight safety, remotely-piloted aerial vehicles, etc.

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