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TsAGI holds Intellectual "Mind games-2018" Marathon

18 May 2018

What do the Father of Russian aviation and water-supply systems have in common? What does the “Kulbit” look like? What is the relationship of Epos and Buran? Who is the author of the dogfight formula? What is a synchropter? Participants of the intellectual “Mind games-2018” marathon had to find answers to these and other questions. The event was dedicated to the centenary of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) and its role in the development of aviation and cosmonautics.

There were two stages of the marathon: first, the two strongest TsAGI teams were identified; then, the two, LLC “NIK” specialists (MAI students), and the Zhukovsky Gymnasium #1 and Lyceum #14 students faced off in the intellectual battle. A lightning tournament and an “Intellectual zavalinka” among grandmasters were a part of the marathon. The LLC “NIK” “NIKA” team became the winner.

“We, the representatives of the Council of TsAGI Young Scientists and Specialists hold many different activities for young people,” said Vitaly Gubsky, Council Chair. “However, this is the first time that we organized intellectual games. It was not easy to come up with the questions for both students and qualified specialists. Despite the competition, the Marathon was held in a friendly atmosphere and I am sure all the participants enjoyed the experience.”

The intellectual Marathon “Mind games-2018” is based on the principles of “Brain-ring” and “What? Where? When?” games. The event was organized by TsAGI young professionals to popularize intellectual games, and develop informal communication among the young, as well as encouraged an interest in aviation.

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