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TsAGI holds a jubilee Career Day

18 April 2018

Which advanced education establishment to enroll in? What career path is offered to graduates who chose aviation as their chosen profession? What do people do at TsAGI and what does it mean to work there? These and other issues of student concern became the topics of the 30th anniversary Career Day held on April 14 in the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI.) This year more than 300 students visited the Centre of aeronautical science. Institute representatives explained TsAGI’s history and its studies, and then demonstrated the most interesting experimental stations.

The guided tour began with a welcoming speech from TsAGI General Director and Academician of RAS Sergey Chernyshev. “TsAGI is a key participant of everything that flies in the air,” he said. “We solve problems of aero- and thermodynamics, strength, flight dynamics, steering systems and everything, connected with aircraft. The Institute celebrates its centenary this year; and we look to the future with optimism; and I hope to find a new Zhukovsky, Myasishhev, or Tupole among you.”

The professional path that opens up to those who chose their vocation in the aerospace industry became the main theme for speakers: Alexander Voevodenko , the Deputy Dean of junior faculty courses of Aeromechanics and flight engineering of MIPT; Natallya Tylik, Deputy Director of the MAI division “Strela;” and Yuri Prokhorov , the city of Zhukovsky head of facility administration. Valery Lazarev, TsAGI’s Chief Scientific Officer of the Office of strategic planning, system research and development programs of aerospace equipment delivered a report on the prospects of Russian Aviation and cosmonautics. The report created great interest in the students.

A tour of the Institute’s experimental facilities was the most anticipated part of the visit. Students saw Europe’s largest subsonic wind tunnel, the Eastern Hemisphere’s most advanced transonic wind tunnel, structural test halls and much more. In conclusion, some of TsAGI’s young guests tried their piloting skills behind the controls of virtual aircraft simulators.

Career Day is an annual event organized by TSAGI for schoolchildren and students. Its purpose is to acquaint young people with work opportunities in the aerospace industry and an interest in obtaining professional education in the field of aviation and space technology, as well as further employment at the Institute. Leading experts and representatives of connected to TsAGI, the universities MIPT and MAI, explained to students the programs which support talented youth.

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