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TsAGI members are among winners of the 18th All-Russian Competition “Engineer of the Year 2017”

27 March 2018

Specialists of the Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) became finalists of the 18th All-Russian Competition “Engineer of the Year 2017.”

The winners were selected by two methods. The first was “Engineering skills of the young” (for professionals under 35-years of age, inclusive); and the second, "Professional Engineers “(for participants who have working engineering experience of not less than five years). There were 43 nominations in total.

The competition was held in two stages. Those participants who passed the first (qualifying) round according to “Engineering skills of the youth” received the diploma “Winner of the first round of the all-Russian competition ‘Engineer of the year’.” TsAGI specialists Ilya Anosov (“Mechanical Engineering”), Evgeniy Kolyshev and Rinat Kurmanov (“Aerospace”) were among them. Contestants of “Professional engineers” were awarded with a certificate and a sign “Professional engineer of Russia.” These awards were given to the following Institute representatives: Irina Merenkova, Andrei Sidorov, Ivan Trifonov (“Mechanical engineering”), as well as Andrey Sysoev and Mikhail Tselunov (“Military oriented and special purpose equipment”).

The second round decided the winners in each nomination; they were awarded the diploma and the commemorative medal “Laureate of the Contest.” “Professional engineers” were TsAGI specialists Valery Zinjaev (“Laser technology”), Sergey Titov (“Aerospace”), and Martha Levchenko (“Military oriented and special purpose equipment”). Alina Slitinskaya also joined her colleagues, the winners, in the nomination “Aerospace.”

“Engineer of the year” participants are professionals involved in scientific and engineering activities in enterprises, organizations and institutions from different entities. They achieved the needed professional results within the period of assessment. Among the requirements were higher technical engineering education, a high level of competence, as well as the availability of relevant results.

The “Engineer of the year” competition draws attention to the problems of quality engineering personnel in Russia, increasing the attractiveness of labor and professional engineering personnel, identifying elite corps of Russian Engineers , etc. Its organizers are the Russian Union of scientific and engineering public associations, the International Union of the scientific and engineering public associations, the Academy of Engineering named after A.M. Prokhorov and the Interregional social fund to facilitate Scientific and technological progress.

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