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TsAGI scientists improve the metal-composite compound evaluation method

6 March 2018

Today, the use of composites in aircraft manufacturing is becoming more widespread. An aircraft’s strength is related to its primarily compounds, while areas of vulnerability increase at the same time. TsAGI scientists focus on these issues. Specialists of the Russian Center of Aeronautical Science work to improve the metal-composite compounds evaluation method.

A poorly designed connection in aircraft design may lead to many problems: increased construction weight, maintenance and security difficulty, high operational costs, etc. Aircraft strength characteristics become a high priority study.

TsAGI specialists currently are developing an innovative metal-composite compounds evaluation methodology. It is based on the connection-point method (it is referred to as Nuismer’s criteria under which the structural failure occurs at a stress limit some distance from the point of maximum stress). In particular, scientists introduced a new coefficient correction for non-homogeneity of materials. According to the Institute experts, this innovation enables a reduction of the connection strength calculation error by almost three times.

The achieved results have already received the scientific community’s praise and were nominated for the annual TsAGI Award this year.

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