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Scientific cooperation in Aeronautics: Meeting of the 9th Framework Program of the European Union

12 February 2018

How to expand bilateral cooperation and improve the business climate between Russia and European countries in the field of aviation research? Members of the EU Program for Young Managers explored answers to this questions. The event took place in Brussels (Belgium) at the end of January and TsAGI (a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) took part in the meetings.

The TsAGI delegation, the National Contact Point (NCP) “Aeronautics,” held meetings with representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European external action service (EEAS), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), etc. Discussion of concrete prospects of cooperation in the interests of air transport was one of the key topics of the dialogue. The participants considered the concept of the 9th EU Framework program for 2021-2027. Compared to its predecessors, the feature of this program will be the introduction of so-called “missions ”- global challenges in science and technology, combining specific directions and projects.

TsAGI’s negotiations with colleagues from the European Organization for the safety of air navigation (EUROCONTROL) became an important consideration. They discussed the participation of Russian organizations in research initiatives to develop cooperation in air traffic management. One such example is the recently launched AIRPASS project in which TsAGI is involved. The aim of the project is to create forward-looking integrated avionics security for drones.

“We have a unique opportunity to clarify strategic issues,” noted the Head of TsAGI’s Sector for International Cooperation Alexander Dvoynikov, representing the Institute at the event. “These issues are important for our activity as NCP and, consequently, the effective work of Russian organizations in Europe. These are extension mechanisms of research opportunities, international scientific cooperation, aviation project financing, links improvement to scientists for the benefit of innovation, and others.”

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