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Fundamentals of Aeronautics for Artek children: TsAGI becomes a theme partner of the Artek International Children’s Center

9 February 2018

TsAGI’s young scientists will inform Artek children about directions of aeronautical science. The educational program “Aerospace school for young inventors” is devoted to aerodynamics and flight dynamics, design, strength and aeronautics. The course, aimed at 12-17 year-old children, has been prepared by young specialists with the assistance of the primary trade-union organization of TsAGI.

The program is intended to increase the interest of young people in technical sciences, aviation and astronautics. The educational program has become a part of the Artek production program project. It confirms the excellence of material prepared by the new generation of scientists of the leading centre of aeronautical science.

TsAGI’s educational program will be implemented during the sixth change of Artek (end of May-June 2018). During 18 days the Institute’s specialists will conduct a series of exercises, which will explain the physics of flight, organize training, provide teambuilding experiences for Aeronautics, will conduct an experiment wind tunnel mock-up-model path, demonstrate the modern computers numerical methods, and conduct competitions in project protection and aircraft modeling.

More than 50 organizations together with TsAGI have become Artek theme partners this year. They are Roskosmos State Corporation, Bauman University, Moscow State University, the All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Geographical Society,” RZD, the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and others. They will present thematic educational programs of technical, scientific, sports and other areas of interest.

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