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Aviation’s future discussed at MIPT Winter School of physics and mathematics

5 February 2018

Scientists and students discussed new aeronautic challenges related to the introduction of artificial intelligence and the development of civil hypersonic flight. The discussion took place at the MIPT Winter physico-mathematical school “Absolute Future.”

TsAGI Director General and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Head of the Department of Physics of Flight of FALT MIPT and supervisor of FALT MIPT Sergey Chernyshev spoke about potential directions in the development of aviation. The plenary lecture “Aviation science and the future of aviation” took place in the section “Aerospace Technology.”

The perfection of aircraft aerodynamic configuration and its conceptual design are among TsAGI’s goals. Development of an aircraft capable of high speed flight is part of the work of the 7th European framework programme for research into hydrogen powered passenger aircraft. TsAGI is involved in calculations, exploratory tests and manufacturing a prototype for flight testing.

“A TSAGI team of talented young scientists, students and post-graduate students of MIPT are working on the creation of a conceptual civil hypersonic aircraft,” Sergey Chernyshev said, explaining TsAGI’ s work. “This aircraft will carry people across oceans at speeds of more than 7-8 times the speed of sound.”

The “Absolute Future” School is one of the stages in the student competition “I am a Professional,” organized by MIPT and a number of partner organizations. The School gives students an opportunity to meet leading scientists in the field of physics, mathematics and aerospace sciences, as well as go to industrial enterprises. Lectures on artificial intelligence and aerospace technology, astrophysics and cosmology, quantum computers, applied arctic technologies, biophysics and many others are organized for students. The MIPT Winter school of physics and mathematics “Absolute Future” took place at MIPT in Dolgoprudny (Moscow Region) from January 28 through February 3, 2018.

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