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TsAGI at the International Scientific Conference on Mechanics “Polyakhov’s Readings”

2 February 2018

A comprehensive discussion of fundamental directions in modern mechanics was the purpose of the VIII International Scientific Conference “Polyakhov’s Readings.” The conference took place in Saint Petersburg (Russia) and TsAGI participated in the event.

Scientists of the Russian Center of aeronautical science prepared a series of reports for the Conference. With a plenary session opening the event. TsAGI Director General and Academician Sergey Chernyshev delivered a speech “Contemporary aircraft industry issues in the applied aerohydromechanics problems.” A.M. Gaifullin, a Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and TsAGI’s Chief Scientific Officer of the Department of aerodynamics and aircraft missiles delivered his report “Vortex generation at elongated bodies.”

Sergey Chernyshev focused in his report on three aspects: aircraft aerohydrodynamics, flight dynamics and solid mechanics. Speaking of aerohydrodynamics, the scientist identified problems such as reduced resistance, flow control, noise reduction, protection against icing and validation of numerical methods. The flight dynamics issues involved the synthesis of new laws to control air transport security, optimal flight path controllers in dissimilar limitations, and creating aerodynamics models for critical regimes. Finally, in terms of solid mechanics the TsAGI Director General stated its key goal — to develop a safe aircraft design of minimal weight with long-term operational life (over 20 years).

“Poljakhov’s Readings” are interdisciplinary," explained Sergei Chernyshev. “It enables specialists to form disciplined approaches to challenges in mechanics. It is very encouraging that young people attend the event. They join in the discussion of scientific problems and offer new and fresh ideas.”

The VIII International Scientific Conference “Polyakhov’s Readings” was dedicated to the memory of V.V. Beletsky, an outstanding scientist, specialist in the field of celestial mechanics and the theory of rotational motions of artificial and natural celestial bodies. The event was held for the first time in 1997 in the format of an all-Russia Conference in connection with the 90-anniversary of the outstanding scientist, Prof. N.N. Poljakhov (1906-1987). Since 2003 “Poljakhov’s Readings” became an international conference. The conference is traditionally held in St. Petersburg every third year.

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