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TsAGI scientists to receive awards for their work on the theory of aviation

9 January 2018


The prize distribution of one of the most significant awards for scientific research in the field of aviation, including aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, combustion theory, theory of reliability of aircraft and engines will be organized in January. Teams of Russian scientists, who have contributed to the development of these areas, will receive prizes and medals based on the results of the professor N.E. Zhukovsky Contest.

Laureates of 2017 were identified in late December at the meeting of the jury, within academicians and corresponding members of the RAS. According to the results of the voting the first-degree award was given to the TsAGI team of scientists: A. Gajfullinu, O. Animitce, A. Kornjakovu, Y. Sviridenko. Their work, “Trailing vortex. Theoretical and computational studies of the aircraft dynamics near trailing vortex; piloted simulation,” secured their victory.

The work “Gas dynamics and performance prediction of continuous thermal duct” was awarded the second-degree award. This work was also performed in the Russian Centre of aeronautical science. The authors are A. Markelov and A. Semenov.

A separate award was made for an outstanding training manual on aviation. “Flight dynamics” was recognized as the best publication of 2017. It is a joint work of scientists of the Moscow Aviation Institute (A.V. Efremov, V.N. Ovcharenko) and TsAGI (V.l. Sukhanov, U.F. Sheljuhin).

The award ceremony will take place January 17, 2018. This is the year of TsAGI’s 100th Anniversary. The event will be traditionally dedicated to the birthday of N. E. Zhukovsky and will take place at the site of TsAGI’s scientific and technical information centre (Zhukovsky, Moscow region). The winners will present their works and answer questions from colleagues and members of the media.

The professor N.E. Zhukovsky Contest was established December 2, 1920 by the Decision of the Council of People’s Commissars, “To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the scientific work of Professor N.E. Zhukovsky.” TsaGI is in charge of organizing the event.

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