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TsAGI–DLR workshop: a new round of promising cooperation

20 February 2017

The workshop involving young specialists of the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI, part of the National Research Center “Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky”) and the DLR Research Center (Germany) took place in February.

The annual workshop has been held since 2009 in Russia and Germany in rotation; this year TsAGI hosting the delegation of DLR specialists in Zhukovsky. The young scientists discussed new process solutions and concepts in the field of aircraft aerodynamics and strength, air traffic management and flight safety.

A speech by Andrey Savelyev, a specialist of the TsAGI’s Propulsion Unit Aerodynamics Department, was devoted to research of methods to optimize a civil aircraft nacelle. The results demonstrated were obtained as part of the AGILE international project involving Russian and German research centers.

Waldemar Baier (DLR) spoke about recoverable air transport systems of the future and the tests related to this promising trend. A speech by Olga Trivailo, a colleague of his, concerned a concept of a suborbital hypersonic passenger space glider. “In fact our project of a hypersonic aircraft of the future does not imply any revolutionary breakthroughs: It is a classic rocket technology applied in a different context,” the young specialist clarified.

Ivan Kondakov, a specialist of TsAGI’s Static and Thermal Strength, spoke about hybrid net composite structures, one of the key fields in which the Russian Aviation Research Center and DLR cooperate. It is a brand new type of aircraft structure that allows introducing composite materials in airframe’s power units more effectively.

A round table was held as part of the workshop where the young specialists shaped their view of further research trends in global aeronautics. The members met with leading scientists of TsAGI and discussed the top-priority fields of TsAGI and DLR cooperation, as well as strategic issues of upcoming trends in aviation and astronautics.

“A joint workshop is a sort of a bridge helping to strengthen and extend the cooperation of Russian and German aviation specialists,” Sergey Chernyshev, the Director General of TsAGI emphasized. “This is of special importance for a young generation of specialists whose developments and ideas form the future of aeronautics.” Rainer Schoerenberg, a research moderator of the workshop and Director of Space Programs of DLR, shared his opinion as well: “The history of our partnership dates back several dozens of years. The workshop held by TsAGI and DLR for young specialists proves a new positive round in development of this cooperation.”


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