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TsAGI Team is a Four-Time Winner of the Innovation Project Contest at the ‘Engineers of the Future 2016’ Forum

28 July 2016

In July, newcomers of the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky (part of the National Research Center ‘Institute named after N.E.Zhukovsky‘) took part in the 6th International Youth Industrial Forum ‘Engineers of the Future 2016‘ in Izhevsk. The conference hosted more than 1,000 participants from Russia, the former Soviet Union and foreign countries.

TsAGI contributed to the development of the ‘Engineers of the Future 2016‘ educational program through their participation in formation and activities of the aviation group of the airspace faculty. Those who were interested had an opportunity to attend TsAGI young scientists’ lectures on aerodynamics, aircraft design, engineering and computer generated simulation. The faculty is a home for 150 engineers from various industries. In addition, the institute professionals conducted the ‘Preparation and Defense of Innovation Projects’ master class.

Another achievement of TsAGI was the victory in the innovation project contest held as part of the national scientific and technical conference. The prize was awarded for the project on the subject ‘Three-Dimensional Noncontact Physics Diagnostic System.’ The system enables measurement of the parameters of the environment to be diagnosed such as temperature distribution, particle and chemical concentration, pressure, vector velocity profile, etc. with increased accuracy and informative value. It is important to note that the judges of the contest gave TsAGI the highest award for the fourth time.

The Institute also participated actively in the forum business activities. The TsAGI delegation acted as an organizer of the nine round tables on various subjects. They were focused on the matters related to transport and technologies of the future, time management, project management, etc.

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