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Final conference of the Center for Computer Simulation held at TsAGI

11 February 2014

On January 29, at the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after prof. N. E. Zhukovsky, the final conference of the Center for Computer Simulation in Aerospace Industry Applications (CCS) was held, It was attended by experts of FSUE TsAGI, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Rosatom Crisis Management Center.”

At the meeting, the researchers summarized and discussed the studies conducted in the second half of 2013. Also, new yet unpublished results were presented on topics such as:

— The study of combustion stabilization in the combustion chamber of a high-speed aircraft;

— The design and development of a design software package for simulation of high-speed viscous gas flows on parallel supercomputers in a wide range of influencing parameters;

-The development of approximation techniques, based on the multi-operator method, with results that are very precise for direct numerical simulation of sound generation in computational aeroacoustics problems — including validation by means of theoretical and numerical approaches;

— The experimental data for testing modern methods of analysis of supersonic turbulent separated flows in corners of compression;

— The calculation of dynamic loads on aircraft structures using grid-characteristic methods.

“Interesting and important results have been obtained following the analysis of hypersonic combustion in the model combustion chamber,” explained Nina Voevodenko, coordinator of the TsAGI-RAS-CCS Program, and sector head of TsAGI’s Aircraft and Rockets Aerodynamics Department. “These results are the joint work of specialists of ICAD RAS, RAS Institute of Chemical Physics and TsAGI. A very important activity of CCS is the validation of numerical methods. The works were based on experimental data obtained at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Siberian Branch of RAS (ITAM SB RAS),” Voevodenko continued. “The results of precision experimental studies were handed over to a group of scientists from the Propulsion Aerodynamics Department of TsAGI. Our experts conducted validation of numerical methods and adjustment of turbulence models, which in the future will allow us to obtain reliable numerical results of liquid and gas flow analysis, which is crucial for modern aerodynamic research.”

The Center for Computer Simulation in Aerospace Industry Applications (CCS) was created by TsAGI and RAS in 2012. CCS is an association of scientists, organized in the framework of the joint fundamental research programs of TsAGI and RAS. The main objective of the Center is the development of numerical methods and computer simulations in aerospace industry applications. CCS is headed by the honorary director of the RAS Institute for Computer Aided Design, a scientist, mathematician and engineer, founder of several trends in computational mathematics, nonlinear mechanics and mathematical modeling, and active member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Oleg Mikhailovich Belotserkovsky.

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