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TsAGI tests model of the new space capsule

10 February 2014

Модель новой головной части Протон в АДТ Т-109.jpg

TsAGI specialists completed the first phase of aerodynamics research of the new space capsule designed to deliver the scientific and power module to the International Space Station (ISS) on the “Proton-M” carrier rocket. Tests were conducted in TsAGI’s supersonic wind tunnel T-109. The project owner is Energia RSC.

The dimensions of the new module do not correspond to the standard dimensions of the Proton rocket space capsule. TsAGI’s task in this project is to investigate the aerodynamics of the new capsule in a wide range of velocities.

Preliminary studies were conducted in 2012 on a small model (scale 1:80) in wind tunnels of TsNIIMASH. TsAGI tests are performed on a 1:20 scale model.

The first part of the research was carried out in the T-109 wind tunnel in December 2013 — January 2014. Currently, models are undergoing aerodynamic tests in the transonic wind tunnel T-128. In the future, TsAGI researchers will process and analyze the results.

“As a result of the tests, we will define the forces and moments acting on the space capsule as part of the rocket,” said the Head of TsAGI’s High-Speed Aircraft Aerothermodynamics Department D.Sc. in Physics & Mathematics, Sergey Drozdov. “Moreover, pressure distribution in the points of interest on the model will be obtained and a study of pressure pulsations, i.e., unsteady flow characteristics, will be performed. We need to get this information a wide range of Mach numbers (from M = 0.6 to M = 3.3),” he explained. “The information obtained will be the basis of the database on aerodynamics of the new space capsule of the ‘Proton’ rocket.”

Work on the creation of the scientific and power module (SPM) for the ISS commenced in Energia RSC in December 2012. The orbital launch of SPM is scheduled for 2017-2018

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