Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Sixth Open Russian National (XVIII scientific-technical) Conference on Aeroacoustics



For the conference participants the book of papers will be issued.

Thesis requirements: Microsoft Word file containing up to 2 pages of the text with the following format: upper, left and right fields – 5 cm, lower field – 9 cm, font: Times New Roman, 10 pt, single line spacing, paragraph indent 0,7 cm. Please, consider the following thesis samples.



Daniel Caruana, Pierrick Hardy, Philippe Barricau

(ONERA, Toulouse, France)

With the continued objective of increasing aircraft performances whilst reducing the environmental impact, research is being carried out to find innovative solutions to influence air flow using simple actuators. Among the innovative solutions, the use of plasma technologies has shown itself to be very promising from both a performance point of view and in terms of the diversity in potential applications from external and internal flow control, combustion, enhancement and noise attenuation. The main advantages of plasmas devices are their manufacturing and integration simplicity, low power consumption, ability for real time control at high frequency and their robustness. It is in this context that ONERA develops the Plasma Synthetic Jet (P.S.J.) which generates high velocity pulsed micro-jet.