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MS-21-300 aircraft body installed in TsAGI static test laboratory

23 August 2016

The body of a MS-21-300 aircraft manufactured at Irkutsk Aviation Plant (a subsidiary of PJSC Irkut Corporation) was installed in the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (part of the National Research Center ‘Institute named after N.E.Zhukovsky‘) to undergo static structure tests.

Other components of the MS-21-300, including wing panels, fin, stabilizer and wing flap system (wing flaps, ailerons, elevator and rudder, etc.) made of polymer composite materials (PCM) will be delivered to TsAGI at a later stage. These aircraft sections are designed with allowance for the findings of PCM components’ and their prototypes’ strength tests that have been conducted in the Institute for several years.

After the whole airframe is assembled, TsAGI experts will install measuring instruments and loading devices on the structures. At the first stage, the airframe will be tested up to the operating loads (maximum loads that may originate in an aircraft during actual flights). This will allow overcoming aircraft operation parameter limits during flight tests.

Then, structural integrity will be tested at rated loads far exceeding the operating ones. The adequate level of aircraft integrity and flight safety will be verified provided only that the structure withstands these loads.

These works are a vital step in the manufacture of any type of aircraft. TsAGI possesses all necessary facilities for simulation of loads to test the integrity of various types of aircraft. Thus, many models, including the Tu-204, Tu-334, Il-114, Mi-26, SSJ100, “Buran,” etc., were tested in the static testing room in the Institute.

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