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Scientists of the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) speak at the AIAA Forum SciTech 2015

22 January 2015

In the beginning of January scientists of FGUP TsAGI participated in the AIAA Forum SciTech 2015 in Florida (USA). At the event Institute representatives made presentations on scientific subjects of current interest.

Forum organizers included in the program a specially invited section devoted to the experimental research of the NASA CRM model in wind tunnels at research centers located in Europe, the USA and Japan. Anton Gorbushin, head of the Laboratory of Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics Complex, was invited to give a presentation at the event. He presented the results of the NASA CRM model testing in the European cryogenic tunnel ETW (Colon) conducted within the ESWIRP project of the 7th Frame Program.

“We expect that experimental data obtained in the research process will be used for the verification of existing and new calculation methods being developed,” said Anton Gorbushin. “As to further perspectives, now we are discussing with foreign colleagues ideas which may be implemented as a continuation of ESWIRP projects.” The speech also contained the results of calculation research of the NASA CRM model performed by the scientists of the Russian Center of Aviation Science under the government contract “Verification” of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade using a specially designed program EWT (Electronic Wind Tunnel) TsAGI (Concept of Electronic Wind Tunnel).

Institute specialists also made speeches at the section on hypersonic streams. Sergei Drozdov, Head of TsAGI’s Department of Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics Complex presented a proactive work aimed at the research of hypersonic flow-past and heat exchange of blunt-nosed bodies. According to the scientist, numerous hypersonic apparatus contain elements which have a cylindrical front surface, and the non-uniqueness of modes of hypersonic flow-past of such elements represents one of the vital problems. The work demonstrates that in the case of transverse hypersonic flow-past of bodies with cylindrical bluntness tri-dimensional stationary vortex structures are observed together with a flat stream mode. These structures change qualitatively and quantitatively all the characteristics of the flow.

“This research belongs to fundamental investigations and allows better understanding of the specific features of hypersonic flow-past of flight vehicles, for instance, those in which hypersonic ducted jet engines (HDJE) are used,” said Sergei Drozdov. “We study this phenomenon without application to concrete ‘geometry.’ The challenge, which TsAGI scientists have been facing in this aspect, is to see the specific features occurring when the elements with cylindrical front surfaces are used in a flying vehicle and suggest to designers what kinds of problems might occur in the process of engineering and how they can be avoided.”

Vladimir Radchenko, Lead Researcher of TsAGI’s Complex of Production and Experimental Base Development, presented the results of research devoted to the issues of front edge blunting on the stream in high-speed air inlets. This fundamental work has been performed for several years within the framework of grants by the specialists of the division of aerodynamic research of hypersonic flying vehicles and objects of rocket-and-space engineering and of the division of measuring technology and metrology. “It was very important to us to present the results of TsAGI’s research at this conference, which is probably the most representative in the world, where the direction of aerospace science and engineering are formed, as well as to become familiar with the latest achievements of our colleagues and assess the level of our own competence,” noted Vladimir Radchenko.

The AIAA Science and Technology Forum is a scientific and technological forum of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It is the most significant event in the field of aerospace research and technologies with the participation of specialists from all over the world. A concurrent exhibition is arranged on the conference floor.

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