Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Executive Board

  • Kirill I. Sypalo
    Kirill I. Sypalo

    Director General of TsAGI, corresponding member of the RAS

  • Sergey L. Chernyshev
    Sergey L. Chernyshev

    Chief Scientific Officer, Academician of the RAS

  • Aleksandr L. Medvedsky
    Aleksandr L. Medvedsky

    Deputy General Director
    Research activities

  • Mikhail Ch. Zichenkov
    Mikhail Ch. Zichenkov

    Deputy General Director
    Head of Strength Complex

  • Sergey V. Lyapunov
    Sergey V. Lyapunov

    Deputy General Director
    Head of Aerodynamics & Flight Dynamics Complex

  • Oleg I. Ganyak
    Oleg I. Ganyak

    Deputy General Director
    Implementation of flight safety technologies

  • Mikhail A. Znamensky
    Mikhail A. Znamensky

    Deputy General Director for capital construction and technical re-equipment
    Chief Engineer

  • Aleksandr V. Belyakov
    Aleksandr V. Belyakov

    Deputy General Director
    Economics & Finances

  • Andrey V. Maksimenko
    Andrey V. Maksimenko

    Deputy General Director Investment Policy